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Hello Flite Test Community!

Well I have taken the plunge. After flying my fathers duet and watching a bunch of Flite Test videos i have gotten into the hobby. Purchased the mighty mini mustang and corsair combo (along with the A power pack) kit to build along with my father. Really looking forward to it!

So my question to everyone, what is a good transmitter to purchases. Don't want to break the bank but want something that can grow with me. I was thinking of a spektrum DX6.

Thank you in advance for your replies.



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I have not had any problems with spektrum and their products, and the DX6 is a good transmitter, it is just limited by channels. I would get one of the newer DX8's if that's in budget because it will grow with you. I still have my DX8 from 2013 and it has been working great since. If that's not in budget there is a FlySky i6x that is ten channels and I have heard of people having good results with it. I have a flysky i6 just to keep in my car with my car plane, and it has worked great for me. It is also substantially cheaper than the DX8 and has 10 channels. It is really up to you and what you plan to use your transmitter for, if you plan on getting another in the future, and how much of a budget you have.


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Thanks for the info Foamtest. I know the name spektrum has a good reputation. So im leaning that was. But i don't want to break the bank when it comes to it. I know i could get a Dxe for about 60. but i have looked at that and don't like that you have to program it thru a phone app. Since im still new, well very new. Probably will end up with the Dx6e