Hello from NorCal!


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I'm a Northern California Cooperative Entrepreneur. My near-term goal is building a public-private usability laboratory that demonstrates a practical Smart Grid to Smart Road wireless power system for vehicles that travel on land, sea, air, above and beyond. The facility will be open to hobbyists and experimenters that are registered supporters interested in exercising their latest designs of wireless powered scale models and of course full scale remote and manned control vehicles.

With my current focus on a Surface Effect Vehicle or WIG that is far more agile than anything proposed or currently operating. Upon proving its capability it would be tasked as part of an Intracoastal Passenger and Freight system intended to optimize use of existing modes of transportation, complementing or bypassing hub-and-spoke air route systems on demand, and so provide greater access via low-cost point-to-point services. Not Far Field, Not Near Field Power Transfer, but Midfield Wireless Power Transfer that is safe, secure, and resilient.
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