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Hello from Orlando, Florida!

Hi, I am very new to building and flying actual motorized aircraft. I do have plenty of knowledge about the physics of planes, however, and I hope to transform some of my kerbal space program planes into real life aircraft. I would really appreciate it if I could get any tips on how to make really exotic shapes with foamboard, since said aircraft can be pretty unconventional. I like using more than just foamboard, too. I don't have an exact number with me for how many non-motorized planes I have made, but all of them are made from snack boxes or packaging boxes in general(I'm kind of a junker, I suppose). Anyways, I hope this first post isn't too disorganized, and I hope to have a great time learning and experimenting here!
Welcome to Flite Test!! I'm living on the space coast, we Floridians have it nice when it comes to RC. Great weather year round!! :D Unfortunately I can't help you much when it comes to scratch building, as I am a noob as well, but I know both Flite Test and its community has excellent guides that can help you, both on Youtube and here on the forums. A quick search should get you some good info. Good luck and have fun flying!!


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Welcome to the forum Spacefarer! Glad to have you here!
And a couple of things. You said you wanted to "get some exotic shapes" by this did you mean lots of curves or more just crazy looking planes while keeping a square shape kinda like a FW-42?
and what are you planning on making/buying as your first plane, lot's of people here could give you suggestions but it depends on how much space you have to fly.

Again welcome to the forum!
How To Servo mix?

Hello guys, i m new to Flite TEst, so i hope you people would help me, I m building one F-22 Raptor plane, but it needs 2 servos ,(ya i have 2 servos and everything), and the same servos must act as ailerons as well as elevators,. How can i make that happen? Seriously confused,.. I m using hobbyking 6channel transmitter and reciever, and i have Towerpro micro 9g servos. How to make that 2 servos to be controlled on 2 different channels? My throttle is on ch 3, rudder is on ch2, ailerons on ch4, and elevators on ch1. How to do this please help me friends.


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To Spacefarer welcome to the forums mate.

I am sure many will want to get a peek inside your head from your introduction as I am sure you have valuable knowledge tucked away. There are many here that can also I am sure aid you as well. The building and flying talent here in the forums is amazing and there are always crazy projects as well as normal everyday things happening here to learn from and get in on.

to knadityas92 This video will sure ly give you an idea on how to do what is called elevon mixing although it may not be done with your specific gear. The principles will be the same and you should be able to adapt over time with a few run thrus and tries to get the job done. Still feel free to ask for more help if needed but it should probably be done in your own thread specific to the issue.

You said you wanted to "get some exotic shapes" by this did you mean lots of curves or more just crazy looking planes while keeping a square shape kinda like a FW-42?
It depends on what plane I want to bring to life but most often it's getting cool curves since the SSTOs I have made use wings that come from the top and bottom of the fuselage and converge into one wing at the tip. As for first planes, I do have a tiny trainer, and I took it out for my first 10+ minute flight today. My dad used to fly and he has some balsa kits I could build. The kits are the leisure playboy, the playboy senior, and the 1942 modelcraft commando. Do you know which would be best to build first?