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Short for HeadlessSnowman, anyway im here because it was recommended by 3 different people in 2 different places. So you much be doing something right ;) . As I am new Im not really sure what the correct media medium is here so please dont kill me for using imgur if its consitered taboo. This is why I ended up here in the first place http://imgur.com/gallery/KZy2G
Any help or guidence wpuld be very appreciated


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Welcome Snowman, I'm just hoping we are not going to lose you now that it's getting warm outside... =)

Imgur is fine. You can also upload images to the forum - I'm just not sure if that works if you had just registered or if you have to write a few posts first.


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Welcome to FliteTest, HSnowman.

I see some older gear and from your page, it sounds like you may have never built nor flown before.

If that is the case, may I suggest you build and fly a little trainer foamie first. You will learn a TON and mistakes will cost you far less on a foamie than with balsa.

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the motorized plane looks like an ugly stick in tricicle configuration but the tail is wrong for an ugly stick. All broken parts can be put together with epoxy or titebond yellow glue.
I would go with something like the FT explorer and learn to fly it then as you learn you could also be learning how to repair and fix up your balsa planes so when skill level is better you will have them to move up to if you want.