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Hello, just want to thank everyone and ask a question.

I started watching really long time ago, in times when i knew i couldn't get the foam in my country and money was tight.

Things changed and i realised i could try and find flite test wr foam here. And I did, it is twice as expensive as in usa but what ever. Long story short i build a plane from scratch. Its a Mig 3, and i am hooked. I didn't buy electronics just in case i didn't like building.

I loved building it. But avalibility is still an issue. C pack is out of question. So, my question is: What motor from hobbyking EU warehouse should i get for the Mig? (i thought Turnigy D2830-11 1000kv might work). I want to run 3s, but not sure about capacity. 2500 to play it safe?

AAnd lastly, thank you to every single one of you for making the hobby what it is.


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Tom, I think I used that exact engine when I built my last MiG-3; I was flying it with a 30A ESC on a 2200 mAh battery with no issues, getting about 6 min. worth of flight. Only issues I had with the MiG-3 were two:

1) It is a warbird. Warbirds tend to need to be flown "fast"; that is, faster than the average slow fly plane like the Tiny Trainer, Sea Duck, Simple Cub, etc. or else it tends to stall and crash during turns. I killed my first one doing a slow bank turn, trying to fly it like a trainer, and the inside wingtip stalled and the plane dropped out of the sky, turning it into a lawn decoration.

2) After rebuilding it (the fuselage had been crushed and I broke a prop; total, $6 in foam and a new propeller), I started flying it again, making some nice passes around the field. Plane was flying great, making "yank n' bank" style turns, pulling it around, doing some rolls...Plane was flying great! And then...disaster. Battery cover (ie. the top cover of the plane) became unhooked from the front, slid forward into the prop, and sheared off the entire front of the plane. The battery hatch self destructed in midair, the motor and mount tore off the front and catapulted somewhere onto the side of the hill, and I was left with a glider that I managed to touch down smoothly in the dirt, just off the side of the runway. I didn't know that the motor had gotten sheared off; all I know was that I heard a noise, saw some foam, and said, "LANDING!!!" Fortunately, nobody else was needing to come in at that moment, but they saw it and we went to take a look, whereupon we noticed I landed the plane smoothly and successfully with several ounces less nose weight!

Mod recommendations; find a way to prevent the battery cover from detaching easily - maybe a short piece of BBQ skewer to hold it on and prevent it from sliding into the prop. Someone else at my field recommended making the wings a little fatter when I rebuilt it, so I didn't have the tip stall issue, but I don't know if I can do that; it just doesn't look the same!!!


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If this is your first RC plane you may be better off putting this one on the side and build more of a trainer model. Other wise life expectancy of this one is very short.