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Hello!? ...semi-new to FT but new to the Forum.

Hey guys, I just wanted to say hello and give a brief bio about myself. I love any type of rc machinery. I bought (AND still have) Real Flight G2 with the USB controller about 13-14 years ago. I love the idea of flight and dreamed of flying! Fast forward to 2014 my friend (Rick) bought the DJI Phantom and let me fly it. Let's just say it was all downhill from there. He upgraded to the P3P and I knew that was the RC/drone I wanted.

2015: A friend (Nathan DeJong) introduces me to the FliteTest YouTube channel and the awesomeness that is available there. I started watching videos back to back! I began thinking..."I really need to get a plane or quad!"

2016: The Karma is announced; Yes you guessed it, I already had a GoPro so wanted the Karma. Long story short... I got my Mavic just after Thanksgiving 2016. I've flown nearly 65hrs with it so far and never had a bad experience yet.

2017: Attended my first Flite Fest with my friend (Nathan, same guy who introduced me to FT on YouTube). It was FliteFest West in CA. Nathan brought his two Radian planes. One was the XL and the other the super small Radian UMX. Spent three days there camping onsite and never leaving until we were kicked out! I talked with Ian (FliteTest Quad racer) and he helped me get set up with a quad, controller, & goggles. Ian was so helpful AND friendly. FliteTest, you guys rock!

I got the ImmersionRC Vortex 250 Pro, Taranis controller and FatShark Transformer goggles. SO. MUCH. FUN. WOW. I'm still improving how to make nice turns and flips but I'm getting there. My next step is to find some better goggles and to upgrade my power from 3s batteries to 4s. Should add some more energy to my flights. Plus I'd like to have the ability to DVR my flights. Suggestions??

Part of me coming here is looking for some answers. I'll try to get those posted in the correct forum threads after doing a search for any previous posts that address my questions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and say hi to me. I look forward to more conversations soon.
Brandon aka "Brubaker"

A snip of advice for you:
The bottom of my quad says..."keep this side down :D"


Flite is good
Welcome to the forums.

Sounds like you are off to a great start. Keep it up.

I'll let the FPV Multirotor crew give the DVR suggestions. I'm just lucky to get the goggles on my head.


Knower of useless information
Welcome, man!!!

Glad you've gotten bit by the bug - glad to hear you're jumping into the drone world. :) I'd suggest Liftoff as a good drone simulator (and you can pick it up on Steam for $20 and use your USB controller to go through it) to get you stick time - you'll find it's different from the way the Mavic reacts. :) In fact, you can actually fly an Vortex 250 in it, so you'll be able to get the feel of rolls and flips without racking up huge bills from busted props, damaged motors, etc. It's how I learned to fly my Conspiracy 220...

I might run into you at the next FFW, depending on when and where it is...I'm hoping it'll be closer to SoCal, but it'll be wherever it'll be, and I'll look forward to chucking some planes in the air and buzzing the field if it's not the same weekend as our annual user's group for my company...


Welcome my friend! Glad to have you a part of the AWESOME FT FORUM FAMILY! ;) . I hope you enjoy all the fun info this place has to offer! Great people and great info awaits so ASK questions, be active and lets grow this hobby together!

Blessings and thanks for being a part of it all with us!