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Hello to all, and any can help me?

First hello to all, good afternoon

I am trying to desing a 3d plane but I have a problem when printing. this is an example for you to see. it is a surface with a hole and a reinforcement

prueba fusion.jpg

I save it as stl but when I go through Simplify it comes out like this

prueba SIMP3.jpg

vertices come out of the hole that should not be there and the reinforcement also goes wrong
more examples of this problem ,this time with rhino spitfire



Could you help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong, please. I would really appreciate it
best regards


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Honestly that looks like a problem with the slicer rather than rhino. I wouldn't recommend trying to print the whole fuselage in one go - it's generally easier to do it in sections that get glued together later.
Thanks for the answers. rhino's drawing was more to give an example

I have sent a message to @localfiend too.

Anyway, I have already solved part of my problems in a post from @localfield, but I still have problems with holes

If I make a hole with SPLIT, without more, the drawing appears well

but when I go through simplify, it goes wrong

Can someone explain to me how to draw this well so that in simplify the holes come out correctly?

Thank you very much in advance


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Sorry, work has been really crazy lately.

You can't have a hole in the outer surface of a solid. That'll cause errors in just about any slicer.

For parts where I need holes in the outer skins, I generally make an indentation. The hole can then be cut out manually after the part is printed. This is really easy to do with a hit knife, soldering iron, or really sharp exacto blade.
Don't worry, don't worry. Please. Thank you very much for your answer, the truth is that there are defects that appear in the laminate and drive me crazy. ok, i have been testing and realized that the perimeters, on the outer surfaces, should have continuity. the moment you cut them it goes wrong in simplify. I already had a glider drawn in solidworks, but with that program the theme of surfaces costs a lot, with fusion360 it is faster, although some solid options are missing

but it is coming out

nuevo 1.jpg


and I have followed your instructions in various posts, which are appreciated. it looks perfect on the simply

nuevo 2.jpg

this is the glider i am drawing. first in fusion an then in solid

nuevo 3.jpg

nuevo 4.jpg

nuevo 5.jpg

I have printed a proof but there were many things to add, which thanks to what I read in your posts, now I can do

nuevo 6.jpg

greetings and thank you very much will continue here