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Good Morning! New member from New England. Sixty years (+) a modeler, plastic models (of all types - cars, trucks, armored vehicles, aircraft, ships, spacecraft, etc.) and model rockets since 1963 (senior NAR member). New to RC and foam board aircraft.
Has anyone else used the Adams flat-black colored foam board to build aircraft? My local Dollar Tree didn't have white foam board last time I visited, so I bought black, downloaded plans, and built a "Tiny Trainer" as a chuck-glider while awaiting the shipment of a speed build kit. The model went together well, balanced beautifully, a little tail-heavy at first, but a bit of modeling clay fixed that quickly - and it flies like a dream. A superbly designed model aircraft.
The material worked so well, I was wondering if anyone had plans for a model U-2. I think that might make a good powered glider.
No pictures, yet. Will post some when I have time. Been busy working on many other projects, including my house, now that the weather is warming up in New England. Who knew retirement could be so busy!