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Welcome to the addiction. 😁 Lol Once you get building and flying it's hard to stop. I have graduated from building for myself to building for others. People I know who are intrigued but no experience. I enjoy the build as much as the flight.
Anyway, any questions or need of guidance you've arrived at the right place.
So, where are you from? Any experience with RC flight?


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First off, Welcome! You'll find this is a great place to learn and share your journey!

The Tiny Trainer is probably the best place to start as it has a couple options and one of those is a chuck glider!

Watch the build videos, they take you step by step... and are a great resource.

There's a LOT of love on the forums here for the Tiny Trainer (TT) do a search and there's bound to be hundreds of hits.
In fact while the original design is pretty old Flite Test recently revisited it;

And finally, if you run into trouble, just ask...
I'm sure someone here has run into an identical problem nd most are more than willing to help out!


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Welcome, sir!

Chuck gliders are a great way to get started with your kids - they're easy to make, just make sure you weight the nose correctly for the best flight. I found taping/gluing pennies to the nose works best for the weight depending on the size of the glider; some of the smaller ones, clay works best. :)


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Welcome to the forum and the family. Like everybody else said the Tiny Trainer is a great place to start. You can search for my “hobbie newbie learning diary ...” thread and read about my experience with the Tiny Trainer (its long but some say worth it). Any how any thing you need post about it. Also share your experience preferably with a video and we can all give a good advice for a better experience. Also recommend you read this thread: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/tips-for-a-newbie-experience-talking.58021/ might help you out too.

Good luck. Happy times with your daughter.