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Good to see you all! I decided to find a haven for those who love to fly. My son loves everything that flies, I think he could be a pilot or an engineer. My goal is simple on this forum, in 6 months my son will have his birthday and I want to make a beautiful gift with my own hands in the form of a plane. I hope you will help me, I know I will have many problems and failures, but there is enough time, maybe I can do more than I think.


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Welcome! That’s a great goal. You can build many FT designs in far less than 6 months. My Tiny Trainer took about 8 hours (I was slow!) to build. In 6 months you could have your own foam airforce.


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Welcome to the forums.
The Tiny Trainer, Simple Cub, Storch, Bushwhacker and Explorer are a few of the FT planes that make great trainers. Any of them would be a great choice.