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Hello, Just Checking in to the Forums. Built a Couple of Planes all the way back in the late '70s. Was taught to fly by my Grandfather Mid '80s and helped him with his Crop Dusting business. Now I have kids and Grand kids and I am returning to the Hobby. Will be buying a Trainer to Refamiliarize myself with the controls. Loving the Vids and just sheer amount of information provided.
Welcome to the forums! Both the Trainer and Cub are excellent...my first FT plane was the Storch and it's an excellent trainer too.

There have been some folks making foamboard Stearman's (Ben Harber is one of them actually) that have done pretty good.


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I'd recomed a stock FT plane for your first couple of builds. It will make it far eaiser for us to answer any questions if we are dealing with a known plane. After a few builds, then make a plane of you own design.
Welcome Fllite Test brought me back to the hobby after a long hiatus. The trainer is great. But if you have some experience FT Bronco is a Great Flying plane.



Biplane Guy
Was Looking at the Trainer, or Cub.. Have Flown in a Cub, Was Taught in a PT-17 Stearman (Open Cockpit, Radial Engine.) May Try to Build a Foamboard Version of THAT...
If you're wanting to build a Stearman another forum member @Mid7night has a spectacular foamboard version available. Somewhat easy to build, and a great looking model. Welcome to the forums!