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Help! 2306.5 2750kv motors and need plans cut.

Hey guys...I'm very new and need lots of help. I want to build a foam board plane really bad but my resources are limited. I have a set of plans for the, Rascal by Airc Pirates. I don't have any equipment i.e. Tx, Rx, battery, motors and I'm not able to do very much other than build planes. I recently had back surgery and a homeless veteran living in a shelter right now. So I was wondering if anyone out there could cut out a set of plans on foam board and if any of you guys had some old equipment you might be willing to pass on my way. I'm not new to the Hobby but I got out of it in the early 2000s and things are a lot different than they were back then. I have so much to learn and thank God I have so much passion for building airplanes and flying them. I want to build as light as possible obviously, and I've been looking at the emax Motors in the 2306, 2308, and the 2508 series all at different Kv. I've been looking at the high RPM 2750 Kv and the 2450 Kv and even lower KV and these motors produce in the range of 1500 - 2000g of thrust with a 6x4.5 x 2 prop. With that combination of trust and a 30 to 40g motor it seems to me that it would be a hot little set up in a light plane. I need suggestions on this. Obviously the 3536 1800 KV motor is a good set up with something like a 6-4 prop. I don't have hardly any extra cash and if I do spend any money I don't want it to be wasted. I love so many different airplanes and I just want to build them all including my own design! I need a mentor and someone that's willing to help me along the way. I spent what little bit of money I had on a XK a800 powered glider and damned if it doesn't have something wrong with the flight board. I found a loose wire and I will have to cut it out and solder it back in order to fix it. And I really don't want to do that to that plane but I have no choice if I want to fly it. Another problem is I don't have a soldering iron. LOL I have so many of my own ideas that I want to try as I am a mechanical designer and I have used one form of a cad system my whole life and I wish I had all the tools necessary okay build my own planes. I would love to have a 3D printer, a CNC hot wire cutter, and a laser cutter for foam board. Obviously I would need a computer as well LOL. Okay guys that's kind of just about where I am so I'm reaching out to anyone that's willing to help. I would love to get the plans of the Rascal cut out foam board if it's possible. I have met a great guy on here named, Griff and he's willing to cut out the plans on paper and send them to me but just starting out it would be great to have them cut out on foam. I'm a huge fan of the F4U Corsair and have been since I was a child watching baa baa Black sheep. I have my own design in my head for a retro Corsair and I really hope to build it one day soon. I also love the spitfire so there's a little inspiration of both planes in my design. Again if anyone out there has a playing they want to get rid of or some equipment did they could part with, then please keep me in mind. Oh yeah, don't forget about the question with the 2305 and the 2306 and the 2508 and the 2207 and the 2306.5 motors that seem to put out so much thrust. Will they work on a foam Board plane? Okay guys... I hope to hear from you soon, take care, Hugh