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Help a one arm guy out lol

Hi my name is Baily Stewart I am a 23 year-old from Knoxville Tennessee I'm an amputee my right arm was cut off below the elbow and I'm super interested in flight and for me RC planes this is about as close as I'll get it I've been watching the flight test videos the build videos and stuff like that it really inspires me to get active in the hobby but I have a few questions I found this product UNO R3 ATmega328P Development Board For Arduino and iRangeX IRX4 Plus 2.4G CC2500 NRF24L01 A7105 CYRF6936 4 IN 1 Multiprotocol STM32 TX Module will this work with any of your guys's products I love the from board planes in the ideas of the power packs and the other planes you can get with those don't have much money so this seems the most realistic way to get into the hobby without having to fork out a fortune please help thanks in advance

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First of all, you could get a plane like the hobby zone duet ready to fly (rtf) for only $60. Or you could buy a transmitter from Spektrum or Taranis and then scratch build an old speedster. You can buy the electronics power pack from the ft store and then you will have electronics for other ft planes you can easily “swap” between planes. God luck!


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Welcome and sorry for your experience of loosing an arm great on you for keeping on, my hat is off to you.

You might look into finding or building a transmitter that has all controls on one stick it is a regular transmitter with mods to work with only one arm. If you like fooling with electronics it has been done, might even put up some want adds on the different RC sites for a wanted ad.

Welcome aboard.
Appreciate it bricks I lost it when I was six I've been playing Xbox my whole life though and it would be a natural transition I feel and I have an idea of what buttons need to be doing what and it's not that I can't use my right arm to push some buttons it's just hard to steer with


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For left and right and up and down you can use one stick (ailerons and elevator) - then possibly you could put the throttle (if required) on a dial or slider close to the stick - my jumper Tx is $150 and you can assign anything to anywhere - given you have your left hand, you can use mode 1 for the controls (left stick for ailerons and elevator, and the sliders or dials on the left side (images shows same controls on right side) - would suspect you also need a neck strap rig for holding the Tx?

Alternatively, if the Tx is held hands free, you may just move between the sticks with one hand - you can do a lot of flying without a rudder (bank and yank)!




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Single stick is not a new thing. We have a guy in our club that runs single stick. I know that he has rudder as a knob on the stick, not sure about throttle. Tho his tx is completely custom built as he has engineering background. From what I understand tho his configuration was one of the norms before the hobby settled on the current mode 1 and 2 standards.


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This thread could prove useful to this guy with two hands. Short little sticks just don’t feel right to me.
And I am the other way with longer sticks I struggle to hit the corners, I have to just about take my hands off of the radio when going for the inside corners. I put the shortest sticks I could find on my DX9 and still would like them a little shorter.


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You could use the method in ft’s stingray 500 video. It’s for a quad but it should work fine for planes. On one stick you have aileron and elevator and on top of the same stick there is a twist knob for rudder.
Here is the link for the vid. The part with the transmitter is around 3:00. I’m not sure what you would do for throttle though. Good luck!

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Hello, good morning.

So Ive sustained a TBI and fly one handed. (Right)
Ive gotten in the hobby and learned to fly after my TBI.

I cut my teeth on a RTF $45.00 WL Toys cessna.
I would strongly suggest going that route for a few reasons;
1. it works out of the box and you can focus on your muscle memory and actually learning to fly.
2.its only three channel . ( i usually set my throttle and forget it that allows me to control ele. and rud. with my right hand.
3. Its tough, i crashed mine 45,000 time before it broke.

The Open tx protocol will.allow you to all you could ever want as far as switch/channel assignment, i fly with a Qx7 but if it died tomorrow would replace it with a Jumper T16 pro.

Good luck, happy flying and feel free to
PM me budd.

See you at Flite Fest.2020!


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If you are looking to build a single stick remote hop on the ft fan page on facebook and look up keith brown. He is a wizard when it comes to that stuff and has built a couple. I might have one built for my father who has parkinsons and can't use his left hand very well.