HELP! DX6E wont bind to receiver.


Can you get one of these and a servo extender?


no i dont. never mind but thanks. i think ill shelve it for now


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Is there a local club or group in your area that might be able to help?
Did you buy your equipment from a local store?
Was your quad built by you or someone else?
Is it new or second hand?
If you got it from someone second hand what changes have you made?
You are going to need help to fix this problem, if your gear came from a shop then take it back there and talk to them. If someone else built your quad then you need to get hold of them to fix it or find out if they have a solution or alternative.
If you change the RX you will have to solder, you will also need to be able to solder for any running repairs to the drive system, so ask around family and friends for the loan of a soldering iron, ideally 25-30w, with a stand to hold the iron.


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No - the DX6E IS CERTAINLY NOT AN AUTOBINDER - that's the DXE - you still need to "BIND" the TX to the RX initially - after that it will re-bind automatically.

What RX are you using? I didn't see it listed anywhere.

One thing I've found with the DX6e and DX8e is that they have a tough time binding indoors. I'm 99.9999% sure it's because of my home WiFi.

Try it outside...

There is usually an itty-bitty little button you have to figure out how to hold down while you power up the quad. You may think it's held down, but it isn't! It took me about 4 hours to get my stupid Wizard to finally get into binding mode.

may take a try or two but should work. Some of the super cheap-o RX's give me a tough time but they'll all bind eventually.

(I use my Dx6E for my flat foamies and my DX8E for everything else....and a DXE for my buddy radio)
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