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[HELP] First QuadCopter


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What props to get depends on what motors you decide on. Generally speaking, what size props depends on the kv of your motors. Higher kv usually means smaller props. If your looking at using the motors in your op then I'd go with some 8045's because they are cheap and easy to find. Another option might be a 9047. They are pretty cheap and easy to find as well but those might be pushing those 12A motors a little too hard. I also saw in your op that you have 30A esc's. While that's not a bad thing electronically, I would recommend something in the 20A (or slightly smaller) range. The only reason is you don't need 30A esc's on 12A motors and bigger esc's equals more weight. Speaking of motors, while the motor in your op may be good (I don't have any experience with them), I recommend getting something a little cheaper for your first build. Something like the Turnigy DST-1200's maybe? I think the best thing to do at this point is to put together a list of what you have decided on so far and post it. I'm sure myself and others will have no problem helping you fine tune it.
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