Help! FPV equipment purchase

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Hi guys! Greetings from Argentina!

I've been watching FT videos for a while until I had the guts to place an order and go for it! Since then, (around 6 months now), I've learned A LOT and I can't stop. Every weekend is just about flying. I already have an Storch, (the most amazing plane I'll ever have), Simple Soarer, VersaWing and my latest adquisition, the VersaCopter.

After tons of FT's FPV videos I'm looking for a really cool FPV gear to place on my VersaCopter. I want everything I need into a single box so I've created my wishlist in FT store but I'm not sure I have everyting I'll need.

¿Could be possible for you guys to take a look at my selection and tell me if I'm right or if I'm missing something?

Argentina is "a little" far away from Ohio and Customs is not really friendly with anything over here so I can't miss anything in my order. I need even the latest cable I'll need to use my FPV gear as soon as I get it here.

Thank you VERY much for your time!!