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Help I.D. an Old, Red Racer?


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Reading all, I have just for fun check (researched) out all models that would fit this plane, I found none. Most of my research told me to look at UK designs as they best fit this type of construction. You got a winner, fly it and enjoy it.
I was given this beauty a few weeks ago for helping out another club work on their field. the prior owner has no idea except that it is old (he is 85+) and i have not had any luck with getting an identification. i would like to get it back in the air but would like to gather as much info as possible before i attempt it.

any help is appreciated.

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pretty sure it was a gasser that got converted at some point but who knows.


me :cool:
The tail section looks very similar to an Acro - Wot, so it could well be a composite build rather than an original plane :)
It does look a lot like a very late 90's/early 2000's British sportster.
My guess is scratch built extreme ELECTRIC 3D acro from the 2000's USA. SEE if an Aa battery fits in the bay above the wing, would be 6 or 7 there if true. Hobby shack / tower hobbies if not scratch built. Other battery place is in the wing bay pointing up
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