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Help! Motor Twitching

Hi, Can anyone help me with my motor twitching problem? When I give throttle my motor goes back and forth really fast. I am using an 1806 motor (pretty much the same that is in power pack A) and I am using an orange RX with the dx6e transmitter and a 12 amp esc with a 2s. The motor has plugs. I have checked that my screws have not touched the coils on the inside of the motor. I have tried calibrating my esc multiple times. And I just wanted to note that the twitching is inconsistent, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.
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Sounds like one of the three wires to the motor is either broken or has a bad solder joint. Could also be an internal break in the motor, or a bad ESC. Is the motor Soldered or does it have plugs?