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*Help* My controls are switched

Spooky II

Junior Member
I have the turnigy 9x with kk 2.1.5 board and the rudder control on my spiderquad is swiched with the aileron control
so the rudder does what the ailerons job and aileron does the rudders
could the problem be that I wired my recever to the board wrong by only pluging in the signal wire only because I did not have enough servo wires or can I switch it in the turnigy 9x controler settings


Foam Addict

Squirrel member
In your Radio, go to mode select, make sure you have selected mode 2 and not mode 4. Or if you are in mode 2, try switching to mode 4. This will switch the rudder and aileron controls.


Master member
Not sure on the Turnigy but on the Spektrum radios TX you can go into model setup and designate from there which channels control what surfaces no matter how your receiver is plugged in.


I'm a care bear...Really?
I would check before you stay in mode 4 if your signal wires from the receiver are in the right order on the kk2 board. The kk2 board goes like this ch1 aileron 2 elevator 3 throttle 4 rudder. Make sure if you are normally flying mode 2 that your receiver is connected the right way. You do not want to try to fly your quad in mode 4 and then everything else is mode 2. It will be too confusing