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HELP!! my Qx7 is not being recognized in the right way by my computer.

so, I'm trying to use my Qx7 on Freerider, and that should be easy. I'm sure my usb cable is working correctly, because I've used it many times to play the simulator on my phone using the same cable. however, on my computer (running windows 10) the transmitter is recognized as an "STM32 Bootloader". I have tried rolling back the driver or installing a new one, but the current driver is called "STM device in DFU Mode", and I can not roll it back. I've watched several videos online, and everyone else's transmitter is registering as a joystick/usb input device, and mine is not. Please help, really getting frustrated lol

Edit: WOW, I'm dumb. I just realized that in my frustration, I was attempting to setup the transmitter when it was turned off. It now registers as a "Frsky Taranis Joystick" which is correct! I should be able to set it up from here, will post again if help is needed.
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