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Help!!!! Naza assistant software now working on Mac!

Hey everyone, I am having a lot of probs getting the assistant software to work on my MacBook Pro. I have found some people saying you need to run the software over windows/run it in parallels??? this is my first time working with the DJI Naza, and my multi is just sitting waiting for the naza. I have tried finding youtube vids on it but they are only the setup after the program is loaded properly.

Help please!!!!!

I haven't used Naza, nor do I pretend to know how it interfaces with your multi-rotor. But, from what I've read, some people have only had some luck with using it via VMware or Parallels, bootcamp seems to be the most trouble free way.

That said, if you have VMware or Parallels installed, just make sure all your interface options are mapped correctly and proper drivers installed on the Windows side.

How are you trying to run it currently?


I'm a software engineer working with computers all day/every day and OSX is my primary OS.
Right now I have only downloaded the software and tried to open it. When it opens it comes up in "TextEdit" in what looks like a bunch of code.

I have tried to compress it seeing some other people have mentioned compressing it. I just fined it duplicates it.

I'm an aviation nut that can just work my way around computers, so layman terms would really help :p



Junior Member
Hello flyboy, I've had a look at the assistant software for the Naza on the DJI website and unfortunately it's available for Windows only, so to use it you'll have to either buy a copy of Windows and install in on your MacBook using one of the methods mentioned above, bootcamp, VMWare, Parallels etc, or just see if you can get access to a Windows computer so you can set up your controller with it.