Help needed for Airbus A380


Hello guys, I plan to buy a pusher prop Airbus A380 from Amazon. Please see link I have 3 things I need your help with.

1. I will like to change the paint scheme to the Emirates livery, how do I do this? How do I write the word emirates on the fuselage the way it is on the real one, I do not have experience with stenciling and considering the plane is quite small, I need suggestions please on how to paint the fuselage in emirates colors, paint the windows and stencil the word emirates on it. You could direct me to links where this was demonstrated or provide explanations yourselves please.

2. The landing gear does not look scale and I would like to make a new landing gear that will be scale. Please I need ideas on how to make a landing gear that will be so small to match the scale and how do I attach the landing gear to the foam fuselage when completed. I do not have access to 3D printers please

The third request I have is not related to airplanes. I know this is an airplane forum but I felt based on how knowledgeable you guys are, you may be able to direct me to an appropriate forum for my 3rd question

3. I recently bought the Diecast masters CAT950M RC wheel loader. Please see link of a youtuber reviewing the model

Overall, it is a very nice model, the only issue is that the bucket does not pivot vertically after filling with sand like the real one to prevent the sand payload from falling off, if you watch the video in the link i shared, you will understand what i mean better. Please do you guys know how I can modify it to make the bucket pivot vertically or is there a special forum for RC wheel loaders you can direct me to so I can ask the question there? Thanks very much