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Help needed on FPV setup for an FT Bloody Baron


I am building a Bloody Baron in which I want to install an FPV system.

so far I've got:

- 3S 2200mah 50C Lipo battery as power supply for both engine, servos and FPV system (or at least this is the main idea)
- Micro predator V4 FPV Camera
- Rush Tank Race VTX 5.8 GHz 48CH
- Viper V2 FXT goggles
- 6 channel Graupner receiver

unfortunately I have no idea on how to wire up all those things:

- could someone provide instructions on how to properly power up the VTX?
- Do I have to power up the VTX using the "balance" plug on my lipo (like I do with the battery tester) or do I have to plug it to the receiver ?
- do you have any suggestion on how to place the VTX

any help will be appreciated a lot :)


Eternal Student
The VTx takes 7-36V in, you can use the outermost pins on your balance lead or connect directly to your main discharge leads. If you can, you should mount it outside the fuselage for optimal cooling.


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Also that VTX should allow you to power the camera from it, not separately, which is better. Check the plug leads that came with the VTX, there should be one with a camera size plug on, a bigger plug that goes into the VTX then two cables, a red and a black one usually, that are the power in. Connect those two to the main power however you like then the camera will get filtered 5v from the VTX.
The third bare wire on the plug is the Smart Audio wire, that usually connects to a UART on a flight controller. You won’t need that, there’s no way of controlling it on your set up. Tape the end off and leave it loose.
Make sure the VTX as noted above has good airflow and get the antenna somewhere away from motors and ESC’s, ideally firmly held in place so it won’t pull on the pigtail in a crash. Also never power the VTX up without an antenna plugged in.