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Help!! New to betaflight need advice!

Was it min check?
Love that video, Bardwell deserves the quad Legion D’Honneur for making it.
Once I changed it to pwm my escs came to life then I switched it to aux 1 to arm and boom it worked I’m just trying to figure out how to figure out pdi’s And all the tuning stuff she’s a bit shaky


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DONT touch the PIDs, a lot can get messed up with that, just tune the RC rates. Bardwell has another good video on that. I set up low and high rates as two rate profiles then use Betaflight Adjustments tab to have them run off a switch.
You want the rates down below 800 on roll and pitch to learn on, I used acro trainer mode to limit my bank angles but not auto level. You can have the modes on a switch too, set up in the modes tab. Have Yaw rate a bit higher than roll and pitch. I set S rates and a little expo to flatten the stick curve. Bardwell’s “race” rates are nice and low for learning, all the above is in his video.