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HELP to fix my bixler motor mount


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Hi Folks,

I just got my fist RC plane (RTF Bixler), after puting it together I noticed that the motor is not mounted correctly, it´s shaft is not pointing direcly to the vertical stav. I noticed during my maiden flight that it really affects the performance of the plane, since every time I give trotle it goes to the left, I´d appreciate if you can suggest me a way to fix it, thx ...I´ve attached a pic.



The angle of the motor shaft may be by design. The rotation of the motor cause torque which causes the airplane to turn in one direction. Offsetting the angle of thrust accommodates for this.

Make sure your rudder and ailerons are centered and there is no wing warp before worrying about remounting the motor.

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Dont worry I thought that something was wrong the first time I put a plane together and saw the motor is not straight. It is normal and the plane will fly correctly that way. Every plane I have owned has had some form of offset built in.


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Looking again- I'm not sure you want to straighten it out.
It looks to me that this is probably helping you more than hurting you.
If you straighten it, (if I'm looking at it correctly) I think it would tend to aggravate the kind of behavior that you are describing.
Are you gently applying throttle? Or are you whacking it. It have a couple of high wing trainer type planes that are very sensitive to abrupt throttle changes but if the throttle is applied gently they handle beautifully.
every time I give trotle it goes to the left
This is the incorporated right thrust to counteract the torque of the motor as others have said, since this is to the right and you are still getting it move left movement, straightening it would make it move even more to the left.