Help Tricopter. FlyCam KK Board


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I just noticed one thing in your video. The board is position sensitive so you have to mount it to the tricopter before you start it up. that maybe the reason that one motor was starting up before the other


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Did you look up how to sync your ESC together? It's different for all boards, I'm not too sure about a "black KK board" but if you were using a HK board I might be able to tell you how to Sync it.


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Oh also make sure your throttle trim is down almost all the way and you might have to reverse the throttle on your transmitter bc I had to reverse a lot of my settings on my tricopter.
During Throttle Stick is down position, Down the Elevator Stick for 3 seconds.
(2) Then Led lights will keep blinking.
(3) Release all sticks. then led will stop blinking.
(4) Now Processing Stick Centering. plz just keep position of all Sticks.
(5) After complete "Stick Centering" , The Led will Blink once.
All procedure is finished.
^these are the instructions and it wont work i dont know why :/ ive followed all of them correctly im pretty sure. seems straight forward