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Help wanted in arming ESC with Arduino

Leo Yong

Junior Member
Hi there,

Thank you for reading this.

I have the following component and would like to build a quad with it.

EMAX Simon Series 20A ESC

EMAX MT-2216-810KV motor

Arduino Mega

and a receiver

I would like to know how to arm the ESC using Arduino. I have searched online for the solution but I have no luck in finding the right tutorial that will work for Simon Series (Is Simon Series the same as SimonK?)

Thanks for helping me out.


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
No. Simon Series are BL Heli Firmware. Using the Simon was a marketing trick.
You will need sensor packages and much time, study and experimentation to do what you want.
You might want to look at the early Ardupilot through a Google search since it did what you wish
with the Arduino Mega and a sensor shield board. Really it would be much quicker and cheaper to buy
a modern flight controller for a much lower cost than your project will be in the long run. You have not stated what type or size of quad you desire but one of the Naze or Naze Clone boards in Acro or Full sensor package will get you started.