Help with connecting Eachine i6 to simulator

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Ok, so I got a falcon 250 pro from eachine, and it came with an eachine i6 transmitter. Now I want to connect that to the DRL simulator.

I got a dongle (22 in 1, from banggood) and installed an SI driver (silicon labs I think?) and finally got the game to recognize a controller. I think that my controller needs to be calibrated, but the standard Windows 10 controller setup won recognize any values given to it, and DRL seems to think that I permanently have the sticks in a certain spot (not zero, if you need more info just ask) and won't register stick movement. I tried all the switch places on the dongle:

Phoenix: nothing (DRL doesn't register)

G5-G7: registers, no sticks

XTR G2 FM and VRC: registers but sticks locked in odd pos.

If you need more info just ask, thanks for your time.

EDIT: I think that on XTR G2 FM and VRC the sticks are spasming.
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DRL is easy to set up radio wise its simply assign the axis in your radio as normal. There is no offsets to do like other sims. The calibration process however can be a royal pain at first. I will assume at this point that it is interaction with Win 10. tons of people are having problems with usb drivers for RC stuff.

I would do like this guy did and hack a cable and run it thru your sound card using smartpropoplus. I did that on my Devo7 before I got my Taranis with the usb port.


Jason of Gaming

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Yea....... I installed propoplus and used my sim cord without the dongle and my channels were all over the place spasming out from 0-12 channels. The guy in the video has his transmitter set to ppm standard while mine defaulted to turnigy, if that matters. Thanks.