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Help With First Time Build

Hi guys, I am following this build: https://www.prusaprinters.org/how-to-build-a-3d-printed-micro-drone/

Build and soldering went fine. Binding was funny (the light on my FS-RX2A PRO V1 goes solid when my Tx turns on but no Rx bar shows up on the screen of my Fs-i6) Is that normal? I have seen at least one video on YT where the TX display had both a Tx and Rx bar on the top right of the display.

My FC connects to beta flight and I setup a serial receiver in the ports section but I can't get any connection between the Fs-i6 and the quad. (ie in betaflight on the receiver tab there is no movement.
In the configuration tab of betaflight I have DSHOT600 and I also have using a serial based receiver and SBUS.

I know that my FS-i6 works somewhat because I am able to connect it to my PC with a wire and use it with FPV Free Rider.

My receiver (FS-RX2A PRO V1) has 4 wires on a wire harness(black red yellow and light brown), but I could not find a pin out for it. Though on the page where I bought it, there is a question asked and supposedly the yellow wire is the ibus wire. If anyone had a pin out for this Receiver I would appreciate it.

Is there a way to verify communication between the FC and the receiver and also a way to verify communication between the transmitter and the receiver.
Thanks Merv! I did find that shortly after posting. I do have it wired up correctly, unfortunately still no response in the FC when I throttle up, or do anything else.


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Mr. Mak is correct, you need to select IBUS rather than SBUS as your serial provider.

The receiver tab is where you get your confirmation that it's all working.


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I am Using the same guide to setup the Prusa3D Quadcopter.
Nevertheless, even thought I can connect the transmitter to the quad (I can see the switches and the inputs moving in the receiver section of Betaflight), I cannot find a way to arm and have the motors spinning.
I am running out of ideas.
I followed the checklist at https://blog.dronetrest.com/quadcopter-not-arming-how-to-solve-in-betaflight/
But cannot find a way to remove the red "ARM (disabled)" box


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Thanks guys! IBUS was the solution. I also had to solder the signal wire to a diff pad on my FC. Thanks again!
I'm running into the same problems and am following the PRUSA build. I've followed the suggestions in this post- but I can't get the FLYSKY i6 to show up on betaflight. How did you all set up betaflight? I followed the manual for the HGLRC F413 (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2672/8290/files/HGLRC_F413.pdf?817 ) but am confused by it listing PPM, SBUS, etc. The manual doesn't list IBUS as a possibility- just SBUS. The available pads are SBUS, DSMX, and PPM.

Also unlerico - did you solder your wire to DSMX on your FC?