Help with long(ish) range RC plane build


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Hi there. I'm new to to the forum and have been flying RC planes for about 10 months. I have a cub sport and a carbon cub (horizon hobby) and have built an FPV system for the carbon cub. I am not all too familiar with the equipment beyond my set up and what I can gather from the internet but it seems like a steep learning curve. I am looking at upgrading my transmitter (Spektrum DXe currently) and looking for advice. Essentially, I'd like to be able to upgrade so I can fly a few kms/miles around a nearby lake and over our property that is about 2 km deep.

What I would like:

- Longer range of up to 4 - 5 km (2.5 - 3 miles) for now, but am interested in possible longer range flights in the future
- Telemetry (altitude, battery, speed, , heading, location, etc)
- FPV connection (I currently have a few 25-600mw 5.8Ghz VTX and a runcam, foxeer and mobius mini cameras)
- prefer to still have Spektrum 'SAFE' technology working
- option to expand in the future to autopilot/return to home

From what little knowledge I have, I have been looking at getting the Radiomaster TX16S and the Dragon Link Kit but am looking for advice on if this will meet my needs, if I will need anything additional for GPS/telemetry or if there are better options out there. I have also seen the crossfire units but am not sure that these support telemetry and the same range.

Does anyone know if the Dragon Link kit includes telemetry and will it also manage sending a video feed to FPV screen or would this be a separate system that is required? I am unclear on what a "radio modem receiver" is on the Dragon Link Kit but am under the impression it does some of this.

Any advice or knowledge is much appreciated!

Thank you.


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Dragonlink is nice because it doesn't require a separate radio modem for tememerty. All legalities of fpv aside, most uhf setups wont even be close to their max range at those distances. Generally its best to run a flight controller, like a pixhawk, that can run ardupilot. That is like "safe" on steroids.