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Help with my first FPV setup

Ok I am a total noob to FPV but I have gotten my system and have my plane almost done. What I need to know is where should I put my FPV transmitter on the plane? I have a 900mhz 200mw system and for now I am going to use the stock antennas. My main concern is what should I not be too close to as to my other onboard electronics ie: receiver, battery, esc and motor, I am also going to be using my old 72mhz radio system. Where I am wanting to put it it will be next to my battery, about 3-4" from the receiver, 6-8" from the ESC and about 18" from the motor. Any help you can give this old noob will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks David
Thanks for the info but that isnt exactally what I was looking for. Isnt there some sort of minimum distance the transmitter should be in relation to the other equiptment so as to minimize interference?


Propaganda machine
Unfortunately there aren't any hard and fast rules. As far apart as possible between transmitters and receivers is as good as it gets. There's limited space on a RC plane. With 900Mhz, you want to try and get the transmitter as far as possible from gps receivers and cameras as well as your control rx.
OK, that was more the answer I was looking for. The fuselage on my plane is fairly long and it is a pusher prop setup so I have lots of options. The only thing I have to worry about is balance as the plane was intensionly built tail heavy. I made a slightly larger version of Hobby King's DZ-500 FPV, its a cool looking plane, tailess with a long nose for FPV gear.