Help! Help with my Gremlin Guardian build


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Hi There

I am looking for some help with my drone build. The build went pretty well, but now I have had issues binding the drone to my Beta FPV Lite radio se 2. This one:

The receiver is a Radiomaster R81

Here is the situation.

  1. The ESC’s beep when the battery is plugged in
  2. The camera is putting out video to the goggles
  3. In the motors tab of Bata flight, I can get each motor individually, and all motors together to spin up when controlled by beta flight.
  4. The Beta FPV lite radio se 2 is in D8 mode, because the red lite blinks three times when I power up

I have tried everything i can think of to bind the radio. No idea what is happening

Here are my questions:
  1. How would I tell if the FSDF3 board is communicating with the Radiomaster receiver?
  2. Would I need a different receiver? If so:
    1. Will the FSDF3 board work with a Frsky D8 Reciever?
    2. I have a 4 in 1 multiprotocol radio on the way to me from China. Will the board work with any protocol supported by the 4 in 1 multi protocol module?
    3. I have an old transmitter that came with a Hobby Zone Champ RTF Kit. It says it says “Spectrum2 with DSM2 technology” will this work with the spectrum lemmon receiver from flight test?
    4. Will this SRXL2 DSMX Serial Micro Receiver Spectrum receiverwork with the board or bind to my ancient spectrum Tx? :

Pictures of the board installed on my gremlin guardian and the ancient spectrum Tx are included.

Joel Taylor



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Is the receiver in d8 as well? Did you set your receiver protocol to sbus and serial (see screenshot)?

Also, because of the way you soldered on your motors, you will likely need to remap them.


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