Help with Spektum fpv serial receiver and CC3D


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Hi everyone, this might seem like a silly question but I'm having troubles.. I bought Spektrum's fpv quad serial receiver to use with a CC3D flight controller, and the first thing I noticed is that the wire plug from the receiver doesn't fit any of three pin plugins on the flight board. It's a little to big to fit into the main or flexi adapter slots on the board. I was wondering if this receiver can even be used at all, or if there's a different wiring I need to get? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!


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Hi tsu

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with that flight controller but in any case...

Check with where you purchased your flight controller and see if it it's compatible with satalite recievers also maybe look for a diagram that labels what each pin or pad is used for there could be a chance that there is not plug for the reciever but it needs to be directly soldered to it. But yeah mainly look for some diagram that has everything labeled out u should find it there! It should be labeled something like Spektrum DSMX if that's there then u can connect the signal wire there then just supply the power and ground elsewhere
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The thing with Spektrum serial receivers is that they need 3.3V to operate, as opposed to the normal 5V. Looking at the images here you can see a 3.3V pad at the top right of the board. This is where the red wire from the Rx would connect. The black and white wires would connect to the GND and RX lines of either the flex port or the main port.

I've never used this board myself, but there are many guides online to help with cleanflight configuration once you get the connections made.


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Tsu7982, I have the SPM4648 and I had to change a connector to make it work with my F3FC board on my tricopter. Like said before, the 3.3VDC was very important. For me, I just used the cable that came with the receiver, cut it in half, and fed the open wires into a servo connector (and pins).
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