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help with turnigy 9x differential


Junior Member
hello and i have a question, i have been searching for hours to try and find out how to set up differential throttle mixing for a twin engine:mad::mad::mad:. i have built the ft cruiser and i cannot figure it out, if you know how to please explain it as if i were and infant. i do not know how to set up aux switches or what channel to put them in or how to mix:confused:. thanks -ethan:cool:


Professional noob
Lol my namee is Ethan too! This may not be very good since I am writing in the car, and I'll let u know that I have never actually done this. The first step is to plug the left motor into the throttle channel and the right motor into an aux channel, it doesn't matter which one. In the mixes, set the master or source or input or whatever it is on the 9x to throttle, and the auxiliary channel you used should be set as the slave or output or whatever it is, an put it at 100%. I really don't know much about the 9x mixes, so that is all I can tell you for now, but I am sure that some others can tell you how to do it. I'm very sorry if this is not enough information.


Junior Member
Thank you I have FINALY figured it out. I ended up using both aux channels and mixed them to the rudder channel, not the most efficient but it works perfectly now. Thanks a lot ��