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Help with XT-30 Connectors


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Hi there. I am a newbie trying to build a Mighty Mini Arrow (photo attached). I have finished the body of the plane and now I am waiting on my "F Power Pack" that I ordered to arrive.

The Flitetest store is currently out of the 3 cell xt-30 connector batteries that it recommendations using in the Mini Arrow. Does anyone have any suggestions on other places that have these batteries or if it is possible to switch to a different connector? Thanks!



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XT30s are a big improvement over the red JST-RCYs they generally replace. JST-RCYs were never really intended for higher current applications.

You can of course change the connectors out for something that suits you better but you need to make sure to choose one with sufficient amp rating for the battery and application and you need to take care to cut one wire at once and solder that on the new connector before cutting the second wire.

If you cut both wires at once you will short the battery and bad things will result.


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Is it safe to cut off the xt-30 that was on the ESC in the "Powerpack F" and solder a xt-60 to it to use with a 3 cell xt-60 battery?


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Yes it's safe.

There is no issue cutting a connector off an ESC so long as it is not connected to the battery.

XT60s are rated at 60Amps vs 30A for XT30 so no issue there apart from physical size.


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You can also change out the connector on the batter, just cut and connect one side at a time to avoid shorting the battery ;)