Hey everyone. New to FT Forum but not new to flying.

Andy Turner

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Hi all.
My name is Andy.
I'm an experienced RC pilot, model maker and prop maker fro the U.K.
I studied industrial product design at Uni.

I started flying 3 channel fixed wing free flight and 27mhz back in the mid 1980's

Since then I've flown everything from scratch built own designes and models from plans and kits to artf and rtf. Ive owned and flown stuff from super micro up to 200cc petrol/gas models. Electric, nitro/glow, petrol/gas and turbines.
My first Heli was a Morley MXB with an old school mechanical gyro.
I've had raptors, Hirobo, ripmax and lots of others.

I was putting cameras with home security wireless systems on my precedent T-250 in the mid 1990's and my first proper FPV plane was a multiplex easystar with an old 900mhz system from hobbywireless.

I now continue to fly anything and everything but I'm fairly new to racing drones.

My main quad is a phantom 4.

I also have various other quads but I could do with some tips about setting up my QAV250.

I have been running CC3D but I've just ordered Nase32 Full and wondered if I can set up up, with a GPS to be rock steady in the hover, hands off, so I can go FPV exploring with my 250 but not at mental race speed and with Phantom like stability and hover characteristics.

That's me anyway, glad to be here. Happy to give advice where and when I can. Any suggestions please let me know.

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Welcome to the forums! Its great to have someone with such experience added to the community. Wow, flying fpv in the '90s!