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Hey Flite Test, how about a profile 3D plane kit?

Since you guys try to keep things simple, how about a range of profile planes. What could be simpler or easier or cheaper to build? Might get a plane out of a single sheet of foam board. Let's start with a 3D companion to your Edge 540.


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I've built a handful of these YAK's from DTFB. I don't think I scaled it it all - but I did make a template with card stock 1st - that way I could fit the wing on a single sheet of DTFB at an angle.


I also have a small fleet of 3D EPP and EPO profiles, and from building those, I think I have some ideas for a profile DTFB "upgrade" since most guys use Depron.

If I remember correctly, the best flying version of the above that I tossed togethor was:
1 - doubled up fuselage. basically make 2, glue them together.
2 - single sheet wing / horizontal fuze with a CF strip and covered in packing tape.
3 - extended servo arms for the aileron servo
4 - Carbon fiber servo linkages (although a "pull-pull" for the tail would work)

With the 2x Fuze and 1x wing you can use an X-type motor mount like these.



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i have also built several of those but highly modified the plans to make fuse in 1 solid piece instead of the 3 that he has. i have plans to build another 19" one and use one of the 1106 motors from the dart. they are really fun fliers and can be built for 3D or for speed.


me :cool: