Hey guys does any one have shinden plans or where can i find those plans


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10 years ago I returned to aircraft modeling. I like to browse various sites and when I like a model, I make it. I do it according to drawings, but taking into account my experience in modeling. My hangar has more than 40 flying and floating models. I like to do and fly or drive a boat on the water.
It's better to talk less-do more and fly, fly..to do....to fly...Good luck!!
thats amazing i wana have hanger just like that filled with aircrafts. also the tiny trainer is on the way and ill post pics of my simple cub that i built tommorrow its a bit dusty and idk it might not look that great cause it was my first built but im fairly sure it will fly great


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They don’t exist here, flitetest never developed it for the public.
But there might have been somebody here that did

You could probly find a 3 view if that plane online and develop the plane yourself

Build some flitetest planes, get used the build techniques, get some foamboard, and start building the shinden, part by part,
Or put in a 3 d program like fusion 360, draw each piece , us an “unfold” option for the skins.
You will be amazed how easy it can be

Welcome by the way
thanks, i will deffinatly try that