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Help! Hey Guys !

I'm planning to build the FT Edge 540 soon (I have the speed build kit). In the video you mentioned landing gear fairings that you 3D printed for the Edge and that you would make the STL files available. I had a look through the files you have on the site, but I have not found the STL files. Could you post a link so I can download them ?

Also, I loved the Millennium Falcon build that you did a few weeks ago, and I want to build one. I'm going try it based on the video alone if I have to. Do you have any details on the build procedure ? Dimensions etc. Any chance of build plans becoming available ?

Keep up the great work guys. Love your videos.
I have a bunch of your speed build kits waiting to be built, should get some done during the current Covid-19 Stay-Home period.
Stay-Home, Stay-Safe.

Wayne Collins
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada


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Falcon plans will come when they get drawn, things are a bit slow right now everywhere with the virus stuff.
If you want to get a direct answer from the FT team themsekves, they respond more often on Facebook etc.
No idea about spats for the undercarriage. They tend to get ripped off pretty quickly in use, someone here may have made some.
Welccome to the forum, people here are really helpful with builds etc.
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