Hey im new to the hobby and i need help picking my first rc plane


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Dear Death_Storm, (interesting handle. I would love to hear the story behind the handle). Many here have recommended the Scout. I agree. I have two and I love it. The motors you have will work with the 6" or 8" props you listed. We recommend ExpressLRS receivers these days. What transmitter do you have. If you don't have one, we love the RadioMaster Pocket (be sure to get the ExpressLRS version).

You mentioned you have flown drones for a number of years and we you listed motor sizes I'm betting you fly drones you have built. Do you fly FPV? The one challenge you will have is flying the airplane toward yourself. You will be great flying away as all the controls are very close to what you are accustomed to flying a drone. Then, you turn around and up is still up but left is right. We offer a nice simulator called Wings. It is inexpensive when compared to the top of the line fixed wing simulators. And, it has the Scout as a model. I really suggest a simulator to get your muscle memory accustomed to flying toward yourself.

We have a new Beginners section on the website. Please take a look at that and let me what you think.

Thanks for posting here.
Thank you very much,
My friend has spent as long as i have building and flying drones in the rc plane hobby we met recently and honestly he couldn't have done a better job at convincing me just how amazing it is and so when recently foamboard restocked in my area i seized the opertunity to buy it and my friend kept saying he has never succesfully made and flown a single motor plane yet and so he challenged me to do it, he encouraged me to join and take help from this forum and it has been great .

I have flysky transmitter and receivers and yes i have been flying drones i built for a couple years now, haven't gotten into fpv yet because it is really expensive and definitely will look into the simulator and just checked out the beginners section on the website its really amazing it even encouraged my dad about the hobby and definitely will interest anyone to join.
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