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HEY, what plane do I go to next?

I am the owner of a ft might mini trainer, and am looking for another plane to add to my collection, i have my eye on a flite test Mighty Mini Guinea, my question is 1)is this a good idea and 2)I have a ccw EMax - MT1806, if i just bought another would these engines work?
and if this ins't good idea, what is a good second plane?


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love the mini-guinea, flew mine FPV today.

1806's will work, try and get a CW and a CCW so that you can counter rotate the props and eliminate and torque affect. i also recommend setting up differential thrust. this makes all the diff in the world with being able to taxi. it also makes for some crazy pancake spins if you go full rudder while flying.

only issue i would say is that twins are 2x the complications and if you're a new flyer it may be a lot more than you are ready for. other than that the plane is a solid flyer and very easy to land.

good luck,

mw :cool:


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You can try this modification to the Tiny Trainer. If you can fly this you can fly any other model. At least that what I feel.
Also what's up with the flite test Mighty Mini Guinea is that such an amazing flyer? Maybe I need to get myself one :rolleyes:
Nope. YOU'VE got to build and fly a Mini Scout. :whistle: :LOL::love:

Luke1350a? I threw mayan a challenge to see who could keep the Mini Scout in the air the longest. He and I are also new to this whole RC flying thing, and we're just doing the best we can. He flys low and slow, and keeps a bird in the air. I fly fast and stupid and miracuously manage to keep a bird in the air. Do you want in?

The challenge I threw to Mayan is just for fun. Build a Mini Scout. He and I will still have our challenge on, but you can be a part of it. Build a Mini Scout and join us on this Journey. You've got to have video though.