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Hey, What's better than a P-40


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Finally was able to get some flying and maidens. Sorry no one available to video. My flying tiger build did not fly well at all, heavy torque to the left on launch caused it to crash a few times. I made some control adjustments without any luck, I tried a smaller prop, no luck. After about 5 tries I gave up and it's guts are now going back in to a new Zero build which flew great, even putting flaps on this one.

The FT P-40 flew well, the rudder has a ton of authority and it's fun to throw it around the sky, I did find out it does not fly well without the battery cover on the front of the fuselage, air forces it almost straight up and then stalls.

I was able to put on a show for a couple of youngsters in the park, I had my Tiny trainer with a parachute guy, the kids loved to see that.