HGLRC DJI Zeus F722 FC & TBS Source One Frame


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I recently started a new HD build using the open source TBS Source One V3 5" frame and the HGLRC DJI Zeus F722 FC and would like some feedback on the build and also to talk about the HGLRC components.

As an avid FPV pilot, i've gone through my fair share of equipment ranging from a multitude of flight controllers, PDBs, burning out multiple VTXs & motors, etc... The star of this show is the Zeus F7 flight controller and it's a beast, which also comes in a 20x20 mini configuration! For those of you running FrSky receivers, you won't have to put too much thought into which UARTS support the inverted protocol to run SBUS, since F7 flight controllers natively have the capability to invert any UART, which is a huge plus coming from F4 flight controllers. The board comes with ports to plug&play the HGLRC LEDs which can be manually configured via BetaFlight or setup through a dedicated LED button built into the FC. I also really enjoy the ease of setting up the M80 GPS due to its plug and play capabilities, unlike the dreaded soldering process involved in most the FPV hobby. There are also built in ports for the DJI Air Unit, which is also a huge plus for me since I don't like the process of soldering/repairing. The features you get for these HGLRC products are unrivaled especially for the price! Absolutely worth it! Pictures attached of the equipment(minus Air Unit) installed in a TBS Source One 5' frame.

Now for the build, has anyone constructed an STL file for the DJI Air Unit which also includes a mounting location for a GPS? I'm currently printing a prototype to accomodate the GPS above, along with the DJI Air Unit however my 3D model construction isn't the best. Once I get to a good point in the creation of the model, i'll share on thingiverse if anyone needs it.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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