Hi all


Well this is not my first post but my second one.
So i'm in RC-Plane, mostly electric and homebuilt. I'm glad to find out this great forum that show a lot of fun build.
Here is some of my models, I've got a CNC hotwire now and build from styrofoam rather than depron.

2012-01-28 003.JPG 2013-03-10 002.JPG 2012-04-06_011450.JPG 2012-04-29 023.JPG 2012-06-09 002.JPG 2013-09-10 011.JPG 2013-10-02 003.JPG 2014-12-13 001.JPG 2015-01-04 010.JPG 2015-02-24 001.JPG 2016-05-11 001.JPG 2016-06-15 002.JPG 2017-07-02 005.JPG 2018-01-11 009.JPG 2018-05-24 002.JPG 2018-09-08 021.JPG

Have a lot of fun build, and good flights


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I think your builds are crazy impressive. CNC hotwire? How cool is that?! Welcome to the FT Forum Family, boulgrak! I am glad you are here. I can't wait see video of anything you've built flying! Those planes look awesome.


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@boulgrak welcome to the hottest, coolest, most mind blowing forum on the internet, which is one big family. Those build look mind blowing. I was going to say I want to see them fly but then you shared your YT channel with us all, so later today when I have some quite time I'll defiantly have a look at your channel.

Any how welcome to the family.


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Thx Buzzbomb! I've go a YT channel, you can see most of them flying.
Sorry, man. You have no idea how many posts we get of people saying "Watch it on my YouTube Channel!" Then the Pilot disappears from this Forum Family.

Post it here on the forum. I'll watch it and comment on it in this Forum. If you want to be a part this Family, that should be good enough. :)


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@boulgrak don’t get offended by buzzbomb but he sort of is right it much funnier to just watch it here where can also comment about the videos.

I watched all three in full first great editing second those builds are truely amazing and look as if they also fly great. Nice work man.


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Ho well, yes I can post some link that I'm proud of here, to avoid you to do one click :)
Or stop me to earn some millions $ on my YT channel that is not moneytized.:D:D

You get it! Yeah, just post it here. I'm so sick of "Watch me on Youtube" you just don't know! But you did it. You posted here. I have an opinion of the videos of your flights and your builds.

Frackin' AWESOME! You've got some seriously madd skillz, man! I am so darn happy you agreed to post those. My favorite had to be the Handley. Just gorgeous, it simply looks like it'd struggle so much in the air. But it flew beautifully! To me that was a flawless execution both in the build and the flight. Absolutely amazing.

The Nord 2501. Another wonderful build and flight, but we see so many birds like that it was simply not as impressive as your others. Great build and flight, don't get me wrong, but look what it's up against...

The Clone Funjet! Whatt??!! I was hardpressed to pic a favorite between this one and the Handley. Not only are the build pics seriously impressive, that first moment of flight... It was like, "OH, OH! Oh, oh. I got this!" And that son-of-a-gun absolutely flew! It was like a rocket on rails! Spectacular!

Thank you. Thank you boulgrak for not being just another poser asking us to watch them on the 'tube. Thank you for being legit and sharing your amazing skills with us.

Welcome to our Forum Family, boulgrak! Not only welcome, but thank you for choosing to be a part of our Family. :) Not to mention putting up with me. ;):p