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Hi guys,

My name is Jean-Claude. I live in Belgium, and I have been practice aeromodeling since 1973. I mainly practice aerobatics.
I follow for several years, what does the team FT. The FT team has a lot of imagination, and simple and inexpensive solutions for our dear hobby.
For now I'm finishing an FT EDGE, made from downloaded plans. I hope I will have as much fun to pilot it as I had to build it.
Have a nice day.

Hello there and welome to the forums!

Wow, since 1973?
I wasn't even born then and I don't think I built my first plane until 1985 if you don't count those little styrofoam warbirds that came in a little paper envelope...

The Edge is a great looking plane and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it. I haven't built one myself yet, but it looks like a pretty involved but worthwhile build.
:) Yes, it's been a long time ... I was 7 years old. I started with rubber band engine models...

I remember this kind of styrofoam model, in a paper envelope; I also played with that when I was a child. It still exists, I bought one for my son, not so long ago.

Thank you for your answer, and the way you welcome me.