Hi from Brisbane Australia. Foamboards and Crazy Boomerang thrower


Longest Throw
Hi everyone,

My name is David Schummy

I'm in Brisbane, Australia.

Most people know me for my world record for the furthest throw of any object (without a tail) by a human of 427.2m using a boomerang.

I've built many vacuum formed carbon epoxy boomerangs also many from all sorts of thermoplastics and timber and ply.

My interest in what all you guys do has sort of stemmed out of one of my businesses foamboards.com.au which supplies foam boards into the Australian graphics and signage market but has a number of scratch build clients.

As part of one of my other businesses we use a CNC cutting tool that cuts with a straight blade at up to a metre and a half a second. Slower when doing curves or details.

I've been enjoying reading the posts about building needle cutting CNC machines as I've always built things since I was a kid.

Since first setting a world record for MTA - maximum time aloft back in 1982 when I was just fifteen I've always had a passion for designing and building things that fly.

Although I'm not so active as an RC builder I do have interest in helping and learning more to improve my skills.

I was using foam boards in the mid nineties not for fabricating planes but for constructing negative molds for carbon wing production. - I'll share that technique in a post sometime when I get some time.

Anyway...it is a pleasure to be here.

Best regards,