Hi from Oklahoma City. And a question about micro receivers for Turnigy 9X :)


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Hello, FliteTest forum!

My question
I'm wondering if there are any micro receivers compatible with Turnigy 9X v2. Oklahoma City is rather windy and there aren't many opportunities for to learn to fly outside, so I would like to try something like TY Model Black Flyer:

First off, FliteTest, you're awesome! Thanks to the resources available on your website and YouTube channel I was able to take my first step into the hobby. And I have loved the idea of remote controlled vehicles ALWAYS.

As a good beginner I started off with the FT Tiny Trainer. Her name is Mała Księżniczka (Tiny Princess in Polish). Yes I put some glitter on her. Sorry.
Unfortunately, I don't know the first thing about flying or debugging construction issues, so this happens a lot:
I'm starting to consider building a pusher plane.

If you are in the OKC metro and would like to get together to do any activity related to RC vehicles, please, let me know.
Cheers! :)


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hello aleksandra. you could also try the mighty mini arrow. i learn how to fly with it and the t trainer. but with the mini arrow you will break less props.


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Thanks! I built a landing gear for the TT and it helps some to protect the prop. The Arrow looks more difficult, but it's probably a good trade-off. Think I'm going to build one and see how it goes. My main problem though is the darn wind all the time! ;)


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Thank you for your response! I noticed that the recommended receiver for this tiny plane has a build-in ESC. If I understand correctly, to use the receiver that you recommended I would need an additional ESC unit?

Recommended receiver:

DSM2-DSMX is not compatible with turnigy, I think that's Spektrum,
I believe somewhere on banggood they have what you need for turnigy/flysky rec/esc combo just make sure it's AFHDS 2A unless your transmitter is switchable to the regular AFHDS as my FS-i10 is then you could go AFHDS.