Hi! I'm Brent.


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So I have nearly completed the build on my FT Explorer! I burned myself quite a number of times, accidently glued the spar on the top of the wing instead of inside, glued the motor mount into the powerpod too low and had to make a shim under the powerpod to get enough clearance for the prop, and used way more packing tape than the build video says to. I think I will be lucky if it flies at all! I am in awe of how wide the wingspan is. You really don't get a sense of scale from the videos! I think I need to build a smaller plane next time haha. I am holding off on pictures because I want to take the plane outside for photos and I want to paint it and we are having some weird weather for SF this time of year. And yes, I'll take pictures of it looking a little rough from my mistakes first :giggle: there are slight divots in the wing on top from having to rip the spar off when I glued it in the wrong place, so, that's fun. All in all a fun experience to build, it took me the greater part of an evening to do it.

Sounds like a typical build to me!

Its pretty surprising how messed up the typical FT build can be and still fly pretty well in my experience. Lots of ugly things fly, I know, I used to work on Huey's! lol

Looking forward to the pics!