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Hi, my name is Joe and I play with cars.

Is that a Porsche 914 you got there?
What are you building it up for? Doesn't look like a daily driver...

Also, welcome to the Community, looking forward to your builds.
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Thanks for the welcome and yes it is a 914. It weighs in at just above 1600 pounds and it is built to autocross with the PCA. I believe it to be the lightest 914-6 in the world. I also have a nice 914 that I take to 914 events. A picture of the engine bay of the race car just cause you recognized the car. Once upon a time I was Team NARP (Not A Real Porsche).


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Update, I finished the foam formers today, I did about 50 of them and they are ready for the spars. It took more time to cut out the little squar holes for the spars than it do to cut the shape of the formers. I tried to cut some holes by hand but the holes sucked and it took obout 20 minutes for each bad hole. The hot wire took about 3 minutes to cut each hole as the wire had to be disconected routed through each hole and reconnected.