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I guess it would be fun to build a plane.

These are my first and second planes. The first was some cheap thing I bought on ebay 10 years ago. I never did figure out how to fly the thing. I was really good at crashing it though. I finally gave up on it and printed out the FT Simple Cub plans and scratch built it for my second plane. The black and white wing is very helpful for me, it's much easier to keep orientation.
This was my first airplane build and it went really well. I was surprised at how well it turned out.
After all the struggles I had with the first plane I had my doubts with the FT plane. On my maiden, I chucked it in the air expecting the worst and it actually flew like I knew what I was doing. I made it a whole 10 minutes before crashing.

These may only be applicable to a 3 channel simple cub.
-Noob tip 1: Forward loops are a bad idea.
-Noob tip 2: Don't try flying inverted without ailerons. I learned this while attempting a forward loop.
-Noob tip 3: Fly it like you stole it. With my FT planes, I figure, I built them once, I can build them again. The simple cub is nice because it's semi modular, if I destroy the fuse, the wing might be ok so I will just have to rebuild the fuse.


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Was there electric RC cars and trucks in 1984 or was it only gas?

Are you going to build a 3ch or 4ch?

LOL yes, there were electric cars & trucks in the 80's...Tyco was starting in on those, and i think Tamiya was around at that time with things like the Grasshopper, Frog, and Lunch Box on 2 ch vehicles. :) I know I had a Tamiya Falcon back in the late 80's/Early 90's, and loved driving it, even though I was never very good at it.